Letter From the IRS – Responding ASAP

When the IRS sends you a notice stating that you owe money, it needs to be taken seriously. The IRS may send one or two notices stating their intention to levy your property, accounts or wages, if you don’t pay your tax debt. They may identify your assets that they plan to seize, such as your house, land, Social Security benefits or bank accounts. They may put a lien against your house. Unless you are able to pay off the debt in full, you need to call us immediately for help. The sooner you come to us for help, the more options may be available to you.

When you receive a 30 or 10 day request to respond, your time is up. It is very important to respond to these as you receive them because the IRS may already be getting ready to levy your property, accounts or wages. With your notice you will receive information about the IRS collection process and about the accruing penalties, interest and fees. They expect you to understand these. They are ready to start taking your property and they are ready to hand over your account to a collection agency.

The last notice you will receive before the IRS starts seizing your assets is the Final Notice of Intent to Levy Property and Notice of Right to a Hearing. You have a serious problem. Call us to see how we can help you, before your assets disappear. 810-245-0813

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