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Tax Problems & Resolution

Resolving IRS and State of Michigan Tax Problems

  • Do you have a tax problem with the IRS or the State of Michigan?
  • Have you tried and failed to understand the basis for an IRS tax lien or levy?
  • Did you know that in some situations, especially when insolvency or economic hardship exists, the IRS will forgive some or all of a taxpayer’s liability?
  • Did you know that for some situations where tax liability can’t be forgiven, the IRS will allow alternative payment plans that can help taxpayers avoid liens and levies?
  • Do you wish you had someone who could explain your rights and options in handling your tax liability situation?

We can help you understand your rights and work on your behalf in negotiation with the IRS or State of Michigan. Call our office for a consultation today. This consultation will not be with a sales person. Todd A. Courser is an attorney and a tax preparer with over 12 years of experience working to resolve issues with the IRS and the State of Michigan. Additionally, we have CPA’s and staff members that are devoted to resolving clients’ tax troubles and that works everyday with representatives of the IRS and the State of Michigan.

If you have tried some of the national firms that claim to be experts in this area and have not found success, please consider a firm that is more local and that is very focused on getting results. We strive to satisfy our clients. Many of our clients say that just having the opportunity to speak with someone familiar about the tax resolution process has brought them mental relief from the stress of facing tax problems alone.

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We Help Our Clients With

IRS Audits: The fear of being audited by the IRS is real. It can be stressful. Even the most conscientious tax payer should have a tax attorney accompany you to an audit. Audits are common. They are designed to give the IRS a “second look” into your tax expenses to see if things were done accurately. These audits are most often conducted through correspondence. Far fewer actually end up face-to-face. Whatever you face, we are here to help and bring federal court level experience to your situation.

Settle Back Taxes: don’t become entrapped in a fear of the IRS. If you have issues with previous years’ taxes, let us help you navigate through the issues. Maybe you fear telling the IRS that you have an issue. The IRS is not in the business of letting things “go.” There is hope and we are able to help you!

Minimizing and Abating IRS Tax Penalties: IRS tax penalties are burdensome. They can add up to 25 percent of what you owe. Ignoring the penalties will only add to your difficulties. There are situations where the IRS will eliminate or reduce your penalty situation. We can identify those and give you counsel that can save you thousands of dollars.

Tax problems don’t generally happen overnight and resolving them can be a confusing process to taxpayers working alone. We are your local experts and are able to help you in even the most complicated matters. If you are interested in beginning this process with an expert at your side every step of the way, call us today! You will be one step closer to peace of mind.