Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice


Bankruptcy is a legal tool that enables you to protect some of your assets and to stop harassment, lawsuits, and possibly foreclosure by creditors. Though bankruptcy is not to be taken lightly, there are many situations where it is the only resort. Considering bankruptcy can be very emotional and stressful for people. Adding to the stress is the fact that many consumers have a misinformed, outdated understanding of what filing for bankruptcy means. Do not struggle under the burden of misinformation!

On some occasions, STUDENT LOANS CAN BE DISCHARGED.  It seems to have become a pattern in Michigan, where students work their way through college only to graduate with a degree and no job prospects.  Some even become disabled and are unable to ever pay back these enormous student loans. These lenders are not sympathetic. In order to discharge your student loans, you must prove that payment of the debt “will impose an undue hardship on you and your dependents.” We will help you determine if your student loans may qualify for discharge, however, it is ultimately up to a bankruptcy judge.

We can help you by examining your financial situation, explaining the impact of filing for bankruptcy, and making an appropriate recommendation for your case. Let us minimize your stress during your decision making process! We pride ourselves on providing personal, confidential service.

We are a debt relief agency and we help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. We assist with Chapter 13 relief for a federally supervised repayment plan or federal debt restructuring.

IRS Tax problems and Resolution

Are you facing a tax audit? Call us! Is the IRS sending intimidating letters and making phone calls? Don’t delay! Don’t let the penalties and interest accumulate. Immediate action is usually in your best interest required. The IRS is skilled at instituting garnishments and liens. We are a highly experienced tax resolution law firm and we may be able help you prevent or postpone IRS collection activity. We often can help you structure a plan to work with the IRS. In the end, you may save thousands of dollars and retain what is rightfully yours.

Debt Negotiation

Continual creditor phone calls and past due notices can be stressful for anyone, and in this difficult economy, times are even tougher for Michigan families struggling with past due debt.  At Todd A. Courser & Associates, PLLC we understand how difficult it is to deal with angry creditors. And we are here to help! Because every situation is different it takes patience and persistence on a daily basis to negotiate with creditors. We can help you on the road to eliminating your debt and getting your life back on track.

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

The American dream of property and home ownership is rewarding and often involves a lifetime of savings and work. Have you protected that dream? Have you established a will and trust to pass your legacy on to the next generation? Estate planning involves more than simply writing a will. Many tools are available to help you direct what happens to your assets after your death. Trusts give you great flexibility but are not for everyone. Even if a trust is not the right option for you, almost everyone can benefit from more basic steps, including those that address devising your home. We find that most people’s home is their primary asset and concern. Let us help you determine if a trust is right for you or if your wishes can be met using a simpler tool.


Most of us have to deal with probate issues at some time or other. Even modest estates can require probate assistance. If you have a loved one who died with assets that are subject to probate, we can help guide you through the probate process. Additionally, controversy can arise (even in the closest of families) over interpretation of a deceased’s will, trust, or beneficiary designations. We can provided counseling in an attempt to avoid litigation and assistance if litigation must be pursued or defended against.

For those estates that do not require probate (such as those in which a trust was properly funded before death) there often are remaining questions or trust administration duties. We are happy to provide coaching to clients in these areas.

Elder Law

When it comes to your life, a good plan is not optional. Many people are now living longer and planning for your later years is crucial. Having documents in place that allow someone of YOUR choosing to make medical and financial decisions for you when you are unable is important. Obviously, planning for medical and long term care is more important than ever. If obtaining Medicaid coverage is a concern, education about this government program is important before application is made. Additionally, we can assist the families of those elderly persons who have neglected to undertake basic elder planning steps.