Steps for filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Typically in our first meeting, I will explain to you the process steps, the costs of filing and try to give you some idea if you will qualify for bankruptcy.  You will receive a bankruptcy questionnaire along with a list of documents that you will need to bring to your second meeting.  We will make the second appointment.  I suggest that you take a week to answer the questionnaire thoroughly and to collect all of the documents.  This makes for fewer calls and trips back to the office.

For the second meeting, you will bring back the thoroughly filled out questionnaire, all of the documents and the first payment toward the bankruptcy (typically $500).  We will go through the questionnaire, the documents and clarify any questions that you may have about your situation or the bankruptcy process.  We will then set up a third meeting.  Before you come to the third meeting, you will need to complete credit counseling online.  We will explain to you how to do that.

At the third meeting, you will pay the remaining balance on the bankruptcy.  We will go through the petition with you, making any corrections that are needed.  You will sign your petition.  Then we will file the petition with the bankruptcy court.

The court will provide us with a date for your Meeting of Creditors (hearing), which will be about 30 to 45 days after the filing date.  I will go to the meeting with you.  If there are no adjustments required by the Trustee, then the discharge will be received in about 2 months.  Sometimes there are minor adjustments or additional documents that the Trustee will require.  In that case, we will supply what is needed and then the discharge will happen in about 2 months.

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