Bankruptcy: 3rd Appointment

Bankruptcy StepsThe third appointment obviously follows the second appointment follows the initial  consultation which we covered in video 1 the initial consultation talking about income expenses, assets and liabilities and that you qualify and you to qualify in the income side and we can talk about those tests later and then you have to also have the correct expenses meaning allowable expenses until you either qualify for a chapter 7 or chapter 13 we really focussed on these videos the chapter 7 and I will talk a little bit about chapter 13 difference a little later on.

In this video number 3 we are talking about signing and initialling it’s really important that you go through your bankruptcy petition it is called the petition and you will look at really all the creditors and you make sure that those creditors are all the creditors that should be listed you have to list everyone who you owe money to including your family so want to make sure you list everyone and you also want to make sure that the amounts are right, you want make sure you that go through and those the amounts are correct and make sure also that the rest  of  the information is correct because you are going to be attesting to this in a hearing very soon so you wanna make sure you initial this page that you know that the information is correct as you go through  the third appointment before the third appointment normally you have to have full pay so that it is taken care of and also all the information that in regards to your financial health has been revealed so that we can the staff and also attorney can do a good job

When you get to the hearing to be able to advoacte on your behalf in regards to all the underlining issues that are they, so that is the third video on the bankruptcy and I will move forward to the fourth video in just a second.

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