Bankruptcy Attorneys – You get what you pay for and sometimes you get far less!

I have had clients who have gone to “cut rate” or “bottom feeding” attorneys, who have charged little to nothing.  Remember you get what you pay for.  If the bankruptcy is filed incorrectly, you could lose assets and be held liable for the work of the lackluster attorney. Many times these people become clients after they find out the attorney they chose is not really able to handle this very sensitive stage of their life. These clients come to me to complete the process or correct it for them. I have heard clients say, “We should have paid you to do it.  That other attorney didn’t know what he was doing.”  One time, I even had to tell the client that the attorney he went to, who didn’t follow through, was in bankruptcy himself!  Go to a reputable attorney.  Don’t end up paying twice.

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