IRS Tax Help: Amended returns and disputes: Part 3

iStock_000000187115Small2This is Todd Courser and we have talked about the income tax return. I am an attorney in Lapeer, Michigan. I do tax resolution work resolving problems with the Internal Revenue Service and making a series of videos just to educate people on what I found from past experience. You really should get good legal counsel. These videos really are just to inform people you should attorney who actually works will work with Internal Revenue Service. To resolve your tax problems, there are very few that do it and of the crowd  there are even less good at it .

Once we have a dispute, most returns are fixed through the amended process. If you have issues beyond this, meaning the dispute is greater and you are not able to serve corrected, and it is not going anywhere, we are going to talk about what that looks like. Now this is in the simplified area of the CP2000. If you are not able to do the amount of return and its rejected or something like that, now you are dealing with calling Internal Revenue Services over the phone. Or you are going to do an in-person. At your in person meeting, you are going to try and resolve the issues related to the dispute.

Now this deals with just the simple administrative steps to try and resolve your problems. In the next the next video we are going to talk about audit and appeals. Then we are going to deal with collections, which everybody dreads. I guess everything about the Internal Revenue Services everybody dreads, but we will try and do a good job and correcting some of the issues for people. They can really advocate for themselves better and also when they are speak to attorney in regards to their problems they have a better understanding of the process involved.

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