Tax Returns- In Addition to My Basic Records, What Records Should I Keep? (Part 2)

Following is a list of records to keep in addition to your basic income and expense records:

Education Expenses- You should keep transcripts that show periods of enrollment and cancelled checks and receipts that verify amounts you spent on tuition, books, and other educational expenses.

Energy Incentives- If you want to claim one of the tax incentives for the purchase of energy efficient products, you must keep records to prove: when and how you acquired the property, the price of the property and that the property qualified for the credit.

Gambling Winnings and Losses- You must keep an accurate diary of your winnings and losses that includes the: date and type of gambling activity, name and address of the gambling establishment, and the amount you won or lost.  See IRS Publication 529 about gambling losses.

Health Savings Account and Medical Savings Account – For each qualified medical expense you pay with a distribution from your HSA or MSA, you must keep a record of the name and address of each person you paid and the amount and date of the payment.

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