Have You Filed Your Tax Returns?

There are many reasons that you need to file your tax return.  Many people don’t realize, if you don’t file, you can go to jail.  The IRS looks at this as a criminal offense.  They go after anyone who is avoiding doing or paying taxes.  The IRS has continued to get more aggressive in pursuing tax evaders.

Some people don’t file their tax return because they don’t have the funds for the taxes they owe.  It is better to file your tax return, pay what you can and make a deal with the IRS for the remaining amount.  This will keep you in compliance with the IRS and avoid levies being placed on your property.  If you don’t file, you will incur a penalty for not filing and still be incurring penalties on the amount that they think you owe.

In order to make a deal with the IRS, all past tax returns need to be filed.  Have you put off doing your tax returns in the hope no one would notice?  Are you embarrassed that you got to this point?  You aren’t alone.  We see this everyday.  We can help you get in compliance with the IRS.  Come see us today!

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